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"We make premium wines that can compete in the local and international markets on quality alone. Profit is not the motivator behind these wines...but we are all the richer because of them.”

Heather Whitman, Trustee & Beneficiary

Land of Hope grapes are picked by hand and the wines are made as naturally as possible using minimal intervention in the same philosophy of Radford Dale wines. 


We take care to select vineyards and sites from all over the Western Cape which would best suit the style of wine we want to make. All Land of Hope wines are produced from sustainable agriculture. We are fully accredited for environmental, ethical, and social-upliftment practices.

From 2022, we are excited to be adding our very first certified ORGANIC wines to the range.

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  • Exceptional quality

  • Single vineyard sites

  • Minimal intervention

Radford Dale Land of Hope Reserve Chenin Blanc 2023 LR.jpg

Land of Hope Reserve Chenin Blanc 


Rooted in ancient decomposed granitic soils, this Chenin Blanc is from a single vineyard on an ocean-facing slope of the Helderberg Mountain in Stellenbosch. This wine shows both the exuberance of the variety in its floral notes and its nobility in a compelling mineral acidity, naturally bestowed by the site in which it is grown. Balanced and poised, it provides just enough richness to please the palate and just the right amount of zing to refresh.

Radford Dale Land of Hope Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2022 LR.jpg

Land of Hope Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 


This wine is from a single vineyard, rooted in magnificent decomposed granite & clay soils on the Helderberg Mountain in Stellenbosch. These ocean-facing vines produce some of the most complex fruit and individual flavours of the land, combining the geological and climatic uniqueness of this site.


This Cabernet Sauvignon has depth and fullness with a plush and rounded structure and at the same has the restraint to remain elegantly poised. Amazing fruit purity in the shape of an expressive blueberry note rewards and intrigues. This is a natural interpretation of our site, on our spot land where we live and raise our children – and our fruit.

Radford Dale Land of Hope Reserve Pinot Noir 2023 LR.jpg

Land of Hope Reserve Pinot Noir 

Hemel en Aarde valley

These grapes come from two adjacent vineyards of Burgundian clones 115 and 777 in the Hemel en Aarde Valley. This region grows vines which produce high quality Pinot Noir grapes, which means the wine has more depth and texture as well as presence and poise.


Whole berry fermentation lifts the aromatics while also bringing supple tannins and length. Dark red fruit and subtle earthiness can be detected. This is not a Pinot for those who think that a good red wine must be black, oaky and full of tannins. This is a fragrant, bright and refreshing Pinot with wonderful succulence, expressive fruitiness and is full of character.


  • Customisable

  • Flexible

  • Commercial


Radford Dale Land of Hope Classic Chardonnay LR.jpg

Land of Hope Chardonnay

Stellenbosch & Robertson

Two exceptional sites are employed to create a striking example of this most noble variety. The Stellenbosch component grows on a south facing slope a mere 4 kilometers from the ocean. In the summer months fresh South Easterly winds keep daytime temperatures down so that grapes ripen slowly and evenly. From a wonderful vineyard in Stanford comes the second component, which expresses its origin through an interesting minerality and snappy acidity.


These vineyards were expressly chosen to complement each other and combine to produce a wine of elegance and purity of fruit as well as depth and character.

Radford Dale Land of Hope Classic Syrah.jpg

Land of Hope Syrah


Two mature, trellised, mountainside vineyards, planted with a variety of clones produce this Syrah. Overlooking False Bay, the vines enjoy the cooling influence of the famous Cape Doctor (the prevailing South Easterly wind during summertime). The rocky, gravelly nature of the soil promotes the production of balanced, finely textured wines which show restrained fruit and interesting spice and fynbos notes.


In an age where Syrah is known for making big, polished and powerful, often sweet fruited wines, we have chosen the path less travelled by showing a restrained and subtle expression of one of the Cape’s most exciting varieties.


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