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The Land of Hope Trust project was established in 2007. The aim? To produce and sell a premium range of wines, 50% of the profits of which go into the Land of Hope Trust; the direct and sole beneficiaries are the previously disadvantaged individual employees of Radford Dale, their children and dependents.



Well, the primary objective of the trust is educational. The long-term social upliftment through the gift of high quality education, skills development and the power of developing knowledge.


The Trust is making it possible to send our children to schools we could only dream about when we were young, which under apartheid we were not allowed to attend, and which will give our next generation the intellectual ability and the expertise to ensure the positive evolution of our economy our democracy and our community.


Alex Dale, Trustee

We believe in the exciting future of our wonderful and unique country and we know that with a dignified and unified approach, this land will go from strength to strength. It is up to us all to show the example - and certainly not to depend on others (especially politicians!). 

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The tree on our label represents life, possibility, opportunity and most of all, HOPE.
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