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Structure of the Trust

  • The Trust benefits solely the PDIs, their children and dependants.

  • The Land of Hope Trademark and Brand Equity belong 50% to The Trust and 50% to Radford Dale (the latter being the production partner and financer of the wines, operating under an independently-audited memorandum of agreement).

  • The board of trustees is comprised of 2 PDI employees, 2 Directors of Radford Dale (including one further PDI), and an independent Chairman in the person of John Platter.


From start to finish, all the PDI employees are involved in picking the grapes, making the wine, bottling, branding, selling and shipping it.

When it comes to production the Land of Hope range, they call the shots.


How it works 

  • Beneficiaries submit their distribution requests in November for the following school year

• Trustees meet in December to review all requests

• Trustees allocate distributions, taking budget into consideration

• At least 3 trustees must approve each request

• Invoices are submitted and reviewed against approved allocations before payment is made.

Distributions are primarily for:

School and Tuition fees




Sport & Development Skills

Transport (in rural areas)

Speech therapy and remedial support

The trust has also assisted with funding for medical emergencies and housing support


What does this mean to the beneficiaries of the Trust?

  • Best possible education for their children

  • Peace of mind

  • Skills development

  • Career opportunities previously unheard of.

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