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Long-term social upliftment through the gift of high quality education and skills development.

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The Land of Hope Trust project started in 2007. Initiated against the background of many “smoke and mirrors” projects purporting to uplift Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDI), although very few of which seem to genuinely do so. The direct and sole beneficiaries of this Trust are the previously disadvantaged individual employees of Radford Dale winery and their children and dependents.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

"Of all ‘tools’ to create a fairer, more equal opportunity society, the most potent – but slowest and ultimately least patronising – is education, education, education…."

John Platter, Chairman of the Land of Hope Trust

The school year starts, January 2023...

Some of the Children the Trust has supported over the years....

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