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Land of Hope

Top row L - R : Terrence, Veronica, Heather
Middle row L – R : Fran, Andrew, Rina
Front row L – R : Wayne, Tubby

The LAND OF HOPE wines are the product of a joint venture between The Winery of Good Hope and the Land of Hope Trust . The Trademark belonging equally to both and the profits also being split equally between the two parties. The beneficiaries of the Trust are the so-called PDI (Previously Disadvantaged Individuals) employees of The Winery of Good Hope, their children and their dependents. An arms-length and independently-Audited production agreement is in place between The Winery of Good Hope and the Land of Hope Trust, governing all financial aspects and all costs involved in the project. This to ensure that at no time can there be any manipulation favouring one side or the other and that only true and prior-agreed costs may be included. Thus protecting the ultimate profit, which is split two-ways equally. The Financial oversight is governed by an independent Auditor in such a matter that scrutiny by any 3 rd party, journalist or whomever would reveal a completely transparent and honest modus operandi.

The Winery of Good Hope BEE CertificateThe objective of this dynamic is to keep costs to a minimum and profitability as healthy as possible. As such, The Winery of Good Hope has volunteered to support the considerable onus of funding all production and, for example, deducts no charges whatsoever to contribute to the salaries or other such costs of the PDI employees themselves.  

The Land of Hope Trust‘s Board receives requests or a wish list from each beneficiary, annually or bi-annually, outlining the educational needs for each child. The Board, consisting of 3 PDI's, an independent Chairman (John Platter) and the Managing Director of The Winery of Good Hope (Alex Dale), decides by majority vote which costs will be covered by the Trust. Given that children have individual needs, that schooling at different ages requires varying levels of funding and so forth, the Board weighs each request on its own merits. Requests may and do include other costs than pure schooling, such as computer courses, dancing, purchase of IT equipment, sports and private tuition. In certain cases money can be earmarked for day care by an elderly family member in order, for example, to allow the mother to seek and undertake employment. Other requests which will clearly benefit the children are also considered, such as, in one case, a grant for a deposit on dramatically improved accommodation.

Our objective is to ensure that every child and dependent of every one of the PDI employees of The Winery of Good Hope receives a first class education. Their parents, under Apartheid, were deprived of many basic rights and opportunities and we wish to ensure that the next generation is given the fullest opportunity to reach their individual potential. We hope to put at least a couple of generations of people through University and to add to the social and moral upliftment of society in this wonderful Land. The Winery of Good Hope undertook this project to reward its team. We, simply, have the greatest people working for us and we believe that their dedication to us should be rewarded by far more than a standard remuneration. We instead devised a long-term, sustainable scheme to give them the most valuable thank you we could imagine.

Alex Dale

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