The Land of Hope Educational Trust

Land of Hope Trustees

Trustees Alex Dale and John Platter tasting LOH Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

The Land of Hope Trust project started in 2007. Initiated against the background of many “smoke and mirrors” projects purporting to uplift Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDI), although very few of which seem to genuinely do so. The direct and sole beneficiaries of this Trust are the previously disadvantaged individual employees of Winery of Good Hope (TWOGH) and their children and dependents.

What makes this project unique? Well, the primary objective of the trust is educational. The long-term social upliftment through the gift of high quality education, skills development and the power of developing knowledge. The Trust is making it possible to send our children to schools we could only dream about when we were young, which we were not allowed to attend, and which will give our next generation the intellectual ability and the expertise to ensure the positive evolution of our economy our democracy and our community.

People involved

Land of Hope Team 2013 FLTR: Andrew Johnson, Veronica Adonis, Fran May, Wayne Sinden, Rina Nogo, Tubby May, Heather Whitman and Terrence Scholtz

All the PDI employees of Winery of Good Hope have vital roles in the company,

Heather Whitman: Director: Operations
Fran May: Export and Logistics Manager
Ralph May: Cellar Manager
Terrence Scholtz: Cellar Assistant
Wayne Sinden: Production Assistant
Veronica Adonis: Admin Assistant
Andrew Johnson: Cellar & Warehouse Assistant
Rina Nogo (retired end of 2014)
Terence Scholtz: Senior Cellar Assistant

What does this mean to the PDI’s?

  • Best education for our children
  • Peace of mind
  • Skills development
  • Opportunity


John Platter - Chairman
Heather Whitman
Veronica Adonis
Terence Scholtz
Alex Dale


Land of Hope PDI employees

Terrence and Tubby tasting press Chenin juice

  • The Trust benefits solely the PDI’s, their children and dependants.
  • The Land of Hope Trademark and Brand Equity belong 50% to The Trust and 50% to the Winery of Good Hope (the latter being the production partner and financer of the wines, operating under an independently-audited memorandum of agreement).
  • The board of trustees is comprised of 2 PDI employees, 2 Directors of TWOGH (including a further PDI), and an independent Chairman in the person of John Platter.

Individual input

All the PDI’s are involved in picking the grapes, making the wine, bottling, branding, selling and shipping it from start to finish.


Our aim is to consistently make an exceptional quality wine. Our wine must sell in hugely competitive international & domestic markets based on quality alone and not with any notion of “cap-in-hand” or “feelgood” factors linked to our being PDI’s. Our pride in this project can only be justified if we succeed through this route and not through hand-outs.


Land of Hope

We ourselves came up with a label called Land of Hope and believe that the name speaks volumes. We believe in the exciting future of our wonderful and unique country and we know that with a dignified and unified approach, this land will go from strength to strength. It is up to us all to show the example - and certainly not to depend on others (especially politicians!). The tree on our logo represents life, possibility, opportunity and most of all HOPE.


Future Opportunities

The Trust allows, now and in the future, for other projects to be initiated and supported –assuming first that the educational needs of our children are entirely dealt with. For example, one of our team was homeless and was able to secure a house due to the support and funding of the Trust, benefiting both him and his then pregnant partner, transforming their quality of life completely.

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